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Choquequirao «Majestic Inka City»



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Early departure from Cusco by bus, passing through Izcuchaca town and Limatambo (Ruin of Tarawasi), Kunyac Bridge. We take a break to visit Saywite rock. After ascending to the Cachora pass, we will camp in Pedro de Cachora.


Early departure to La Colmena, next to the Chacamayo River, that also flows by Cachora. Next we drive through the Pucaira prairies in the Apurimac Canyon. After Chanchaillu (a complex of fountains), we ascend to Wayna Qalli, a vantage-point from where we can observe the archaeological complex of Chokequirao, and also an impressive view of the Vilcabamba snowed capped mountain. As we descend toward Cuca Másana, the flora and faúna begins to change due to the warmer climate. Finally, we arrive to Rosalina's beach, our campsite.


Wake up early because today we have a hard and tedious trek coming. A steep ascent takes us along Cusco's side of the mountain ridge, near Maranpata. We will be able to appreciate colorful orchids and fragrant violets, and, also deers, anteater bears, an ample variety of birds. After resting in Maranpata, we continue to Raqaypata. There, we will camp on the banks of the Chunchullmayu river.


After a one-hour trek from our campsite we will reach Choqueqirao's archeological complex. There, we will have a guided visit and time to visit the eight sectors of this complex at our leisure. Here we will be able to visit Qolqas, granaries, a Sun Altar, terraces, and the remains of a large Inka town. We back to our campsite


Our last day of trekking. We will visit the canyon formed by the Apurimac River. This time, however, we will take a new trail, that crosses the throat of the canyon. From Wayna Qolly, near the canyon, we will enjoy what is considered the most spectacular view in South America. At Cachora our bus will drive us back to Cusco.


Pre-departure Information
Pick up from your hotel in the morning and transfer in private transport to Cachora
Income for visitors and staff of the agency
Personal tents: 2 people in each tent
A thermal rest mattress per person
Extra porter for 8 kilograms
Duffle bag for extra porter
kitchen and dining tent with tables and chairs
Tent bathroom with biodegradable toilet facilities
Guide in English and Spanish language, (2 guides for groups over 8 people)
Chef and cooking equipment
Load Horses (to carry tents, food and cooking equipment)
1 emergency horse every 6 persons
Accommodation for all staff
Meals (03B, 04L, 03D + daily morning snack + tea service every day except the last day). Vegetarian or special menus are available at no extra cost
A bag of snack each day before starting the walk
Boiled water from the second day.
Hot water every morning and evening for washing
First aid kit and oxygen bottle
Private transport from Cachora to Cusco and transfer to hotel in Cusco

Does not include

Riding horses, personal
Sleeping bag sleeping
Walking sticks
Dinner fifth day


Choquequirao «Majestic Inka City»

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