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Four roads once led from Cusco’s main square to the four corners of the Inca empire that extended from what is today Ecuador and part of Colombia to northern Chile and Argentina, including all of Peru and Bolivia. An empire almost as vast as the Roman empire, the Inka nation was connected by a road network stretching over 23,000 km. (14,300 miles). Due to its position as the capital of the Inka dynasty, contemporary Cusco, a city 3,300 meters above sea level (10,500 ft.) is a showcase of several different cultures: Pre-Inka, Inka, Colonial and Republican. But Cusco was more than just a capital city. It was an administrative, military and holy city, similar to Mecca, and is now the oldest inhabited city of the Americas. Many kinds of rchitecture are found here and one’s eyes can feast on their splendid variety and combinations.

“Cusco is an important vortex of energy for our planet, serving at time as a catalyst freely offering its best for the
benefit of all. I assure you that only one visit to this sacred city will cause some change in your life, and should your experience this at an unexpected moment, look to Pachamama (mother earth) to guide you, invoke her name, and she will be with you as your inner strength and guidance, leading you through your greatest challenger and assisting you with your most important decisions. If you are lucky enough to visit this land more that once, look for trained specialist to help you with these teachings and your own inner growth. Remember always that we are here waiting for you”.

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